Colombia Finca Monteverde Geisha Yeast Aerobic Honey

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200g : RM150
Light Roast

Region: Tolima
Farm: Finca Monteverde
Altitude: 2000M
Variety: Geisha
Processed: Yeast Aerobic Honey

Cup Profile: Geranium, Neroli, Cranberry juice, Dried berries

Finca Monteverde has been in the hands of the family Gutiérrez for more than 5 generations Many Special processesare done at Monteverde, consist of
select the best coffee beans, those that are in optimal maturity, the controlled fermentation process.
They have learned the special protocols fermentation from Yemen coffee which skill bringings out features fruity and spicy, unique to coffee cherry.
The post-process includes drying processes are done in structures type canopy with translucent roof, taking care that airflow so it keeps the temperatures low during the process, this step can take an average of 25 to
30 days, when the coffee humidity finally reaches 11%. that's time to pack in GrainPro bags.