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Roasters Guild of America Certificate

The Roasters Guild (RG) offers certificate classes at regional SCAA Skill-Building Workshops throughout the year and at
our annual events, the SCAA Exposition and Roasters Guild Retreat. Please check back for updates to course offerings and
keep an eye out for events coming to your area. To learn more about Roasters Guild Certificates and view the list of
certified Roasters, visit the
RG website.

Level 1 Roaster Certificate
Required Classes for Level 1 Roaster beginning 2014:

CB100                  :    Seed to Cup
CP151 & CP152    :    Introduction to Brewing and Extraction
GE103                  :    Introduction to Cupping
RP110                  :    Basic Roasting Equipment
RP112                  :    Introductory Concepts of Roasting
RP208                  :    Roaster Plant Safety
GE151                  :    Green Coffee Grading
RP104                  :    Decaffeination
RP112                  :    Profile Roasting Practices
RP223                  :    Sample Roasting
CB205                  :    Purchase, Finance, and Green Coffee Contracts
RP191                  :    Roast Log – 100 hours