Guatemala Antigua Bella Carmona 100% Bourbon

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Light medium roast.

Guatemala Antigua Bella Carmona Washed 100% Bourbon
Variety: Bourbon
Altitudes: 1500-1650masl
Process: Fully Washed and patio-dried
Flavor notes: Fruity、Orange、Bright Acidity、Caramel aftertaste

//About this coffee//
Bella Carmona is one of the most superb regional blends a roaster can find in Central America. This lot is a blend of 100% bourbon variety coffee from farms throughout the valley, truly capturing the historic genetics of the area.
Cherry is delivered daily at Bella Vista from all over the valley. Processing is separated into numerous channels that represent Bella Carmona farms, Hunapú farms, and microlots such as this one, in which only the bourbon variety from each farm is picked and combined. Once inspected and weighed, cherry is depulped and fermented overnight in one of the mill’s many tanks, washed clean the next day, and patio-dried.