Kyuemon Ceramic Filter

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Apart from drinking water, it is widely applicable to coffee, Japanese spirits and water for rice cooking. The secret of tastiness lies in the exclusive far-infrared effect produced in the porous ceramics.

Beverage Taste Enhancement

Due to the far-infrared effect occurred in ceramics, liquid becomes revitalized and its tastes turn rounded. Taste enhancement occurs in ground coffee, instant coffee, green tea and black tea. Japanese shochu (burned liquor) can also turn palatable resulted from the far infrared effect, which is also applied to shochu maturation by ceramic jar as well.

*Coffee brewing is highly recommendable.*

Coffee extraction at the most optimal speed can pull out the original flavor and aroma of the coffee beans.

“A REUSABLE ECO-friendly Ceramic Filter”


1.Pre-warm the ceramic filter by pouring in hot water.

2.Place the ceramic filter on top of the dripper

*For ground coffee, coarser grind size (compared to brewing by paper filter) is desirable

*[Daily Cleaning]*

1.Remove the used ground and wash its inner part with water only. NO DETERGENT!

2.Keep pouring hot water into the filter until the water turns clear.

*[When the filter is clogged]*

The drip-brewing of porous ceramic filter might slow down due to the coffee sediments gradually trapped in the pores. The filter needs regular maintenance to

1.After daily cleaning, burn the dry filter by medium gas fire for 15 minutes or less.

2.Cool down the filter for 1 hour or above. Pour in hot water when it is completely cool down.

*In case setting for burning is difficult, please conduct the heating by boiling the filter in a pot of water.

[Caution!] Don’t touch the filter when it is still in high heat after burning. Rinsing the hot filter with hot water could cause breakage.