Panama Boquete Altieri Dilgo Geisha Washed

RM 185.00
Altieri Estate
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Light roast.
Roast date: 03/07/2024

Net weight: 100g

Panama Boquete Altieri Dilgo Geisha

Altitude: 1800M

Variety: Geisha

Process: Washed


Taste notes: Peach、Citrus、Bergamot、Lychee、Floral、Juicy、Lemon、Black tea aroma、Toffee、Bright Acidity

Each Altieri farm has its own micro-climate which permits the production of different, unique, quality coffees. The coffee cherries that make up the Dilgo lot is visually consistent and intriguing. They give the impression of a dense, compact and encapsulated powerhouse. A compelling picking and sorting procedure is utilized for all Dilgo lots.