Panama Boquete Elida Geisha Natural

RM 238.00
Lamastus Family
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Light roast.
Roast date: 03/07/2024

Net weight: 100g

Panama Boquete Elida Natural Geisha #1

Altitude: 1700M

Variety: Geisha

Process: Natural


Taste notes: Floral、Citrus、Caramel、Apricot、Sunkist Orange、Lemon、Yuzu、Bergamot、Lychee、Honey、Brown Sugar aftertaste

The Lamastus Family has being producing coffee in Elida Estate for four generations since 1918. Elida Estate coffees are produced under a unique world-ecological condition: it is shade-grown, bird-friendly, the farm is located at a very high elevation, in a microclimate with very low temperatures, the coffee trees are surrounded by the Volcan Baru National Park -a virgin native cloudy rain forest-. Elida Estate was their first farm to be planted with Geisha back in 2005, and they have been producing some of the best Geisha in the world ever since.